Do’s and Dont’s before getting a tattoo and numbing cream tips

Getting a new tattoo, whether it is your first or 21st, is exciting and although tattoos are very popular, they are also very painful depending on where you get yours done. Some people love the pain of the tattooing process and others can’t handle the discomfort. People spend weeks planning their design but there are other elements of the tattooing process that you should plan too. Take a look at these tips you should consider to get the most out of your tattooing experience-

DO check your tattoo artist’s credentials. Whether it’s your first tattoo or you’re seeking a new tattoo artist it is important to know that they are experienced, meet the latest health and safety requirements and that their style suits you.

DON’T mess with the covering after you have been tattooed until you have been advised that you can take it off. Although it might be tempted to peel off once, tattoo artists put coverings on so no bacteria gets through to the skin and causes infections.

DO make sure you properly stick to your tattoo aftercare. Your tattoo artist will provide you with a thorough instruction of how to look after your tattoo and it’s important to stick to gently washing your tattoo while it heals so no ink bleeds out of your skin or infections are caught.

DON’T scratch your tattoo. Although your tattoo might be really itchy while it is healing you need to resist scratching that itch so it doesn’t affect the healing process and scab over.

DO make sure you are hydrated. It is important to drink plenty of water the night before your tattoo appointment, if you are dehydrated you run the risk of your skin rejecting the ink for your tattoo.

DON’T drink coffee or alcohol before having a tattoo. Coffee and alcohol are known blood thinners and can cause unwanted bleeding whilst you are having your tattoo done if you have some in your system.

The pain can put people off but tattoo numbing cream is the perfect solution to help you feel confident in getting inked. The aim of numbing creams is to act as a local aesthetic that relieves your pain and removes the sensations on your skin. They can also help prevent inflammation and swelling during the tattooing process. Here is what to do and not do when using numbing cream-

DO make sure you choose the right numbing cream option for you. Numbing creams can have different absorption characteristics so they vary in how long it takes them to numb an area of your skin and how long it stays numb for.

DON’T use a second cream on top of your initial numbing cream as it will just counteract the current effects of the original numbing cream.

DO have a patch test 24 hours before full use incase of a reaction.

DON’T be fooled by fake tattoo numbing creams, although they may seem like the cheaper option they can badly affect your treatment and cause potential harm.

DO make sure that you keep the lid tightly closed once opened so that it doesn’t dry out and affect its effectiveness.

DON’T consume alcohol or excessive amounts of milk 24 hours before using numbing cream.

DO tell your artist or practitioner that you are using tattoo numbing cream so that they are aware and can raise any concerns with working with numbing cream if they have any.

The TKTX Tattoo numbing cream is a perfect solution to take away your pain, unlike other numbing creams it is a water based cream so you don’t have to worry about your skin turning oily and affecting your artists work, the ink from your tattoo or the healing process.

Whether you like to feel the pain or scared of the discomfort it is important to follow the rules of the tattoo process so that you enjoy the process and your tattoo heals properly.


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