How TKTX Numbing Cream Works And When To Use It

No matter what type of procedure you are having, a tattoo, piercing, waxing or aesthetic work, TKTX numbing cream can help you remove the pain and let you appreciate the process.

Numbing cream is a specialist product that aims to remove all sensation from your skin so can be used for a range of reasons from relieving pain, preparing an area for a minor procedure and minimising pain in hair removal procedures.

How TKTX numbing cream works…

If you can’t bear pain and it is putting you off getting a tattoo or having aesthetic work done, numbing cream can relieve pain and dull the sensation on your skin. Not only does it give you pain relief but it also contains ingredients that can prevent swelling and inflammation during and after the tattooing or piercing process.

Numbing cream differs depending on the active ingredients that are in the cream mixture but most numbing creams are either nerve blockers or nerve deadeners. The majority of numbing creams have Lidocaine in to block the path of the nerve from reaching the brain, it is one of the most effective and efficient type of numbing agents and proves to be an essential ingredient.

Our TKTX numbing cream penetrates deeper into the skin for 40% more numbing than other creams to manipulate the nerve endings and blood vessels to ease your pain. TKTX has a range of numbing creams varying in length and strength that can be suited to what you want it for.

The cream composition can differ depending on the colour mixture you choose as they have different absorption characteristics. All of the TKTX numbing creams are water based instead of oil based so you don’t need to worry about it affecting the ink from your tattoo or the healing process and your tattoo artist can be confident it won’t create a slippery surface on your skin.

When should I use numbing cream?

Numbing cream is the ideal solution to remove all local pain such as before getting a tattoo or piercing or before minor surgery such as semi permanent make up or micro blading. It can also be effectively used to ease the pain during hair removal treatments, injections and laser removal.

You should apply numbing cream a certain amount of time before getting a tattoo or undergoing a procedure. The time in advance depends on the area that you are applying the cream on and the length of time of your appointment so it is important to make sure you are choosing the right numbing cream for you. For example, the yellow TKTX numbing cream is the strongest numbing cream we offer which numbs in 1-2 hours and lasts 3-5 hours but the blue TKTX numbing cream numbs in 1-2 hours but only lasts 1-2 hours.

When using TKTX numbing cream uk, we recommend making sure it is 2-3mm thick and to not rub it in.

Numbing cream is a great way for people who have a low pain threshold or are nervous about pain to be able to enjoy their tattoo or cosmetic work experience without having to worry about being in discomfort.

Although some might believe it is a rite of passage to experience the pain associated with tattoos and piercing, it doesn’t have to be no pain no gain, numbing creams can help you enjoy the experience without worrying about the suffering.


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