Modern Tattoo Trends

Although tattoos are permanent, tattoo trends vary over time. Tattoos can be a way to express your personality, but as different styles go in and out of fashion, people follow the modern tattoos trends at the time. Even popular positioning of tattoos differ as tattoo styles change. 

Let’s explore the modern tattoo trends that are in style at the moment-

Stick and Poke Tattoos 

Hand Poke tattoos have seen a resurgence in popularity due to their punk, DIY connotations from the underground culture scene.  Rather than using a rotary or coil machine, the tattoo is done through attaching a needle to a rod-shaped element, such as a pencil, to create an analog tattoo machine. 

Many people attempt to stick and poke themselves, however it is important to go to a professional tattoo artist who specialises in stick and poke tattoos. Often with black ink, the single needle is known for its thick and bold lines and despite their minimalistic designs, they can be extremely detailed. 

Spiritual Tattoos

The demand for tattoos with spiritual meanings has risen over the past few years. Mandalas, hamsa hands and lotus design  especially, have been more visible.  This could be because of what they represent – healing, growth, balance and positivity.

Many spiritual tattoos are religious images, however it tends to be more of the meanings behind them as to why people get them. These designs are extremely detailed and usually are created with a lot of dotwork. As they are permanently on your skin, people think they guide, protect or inspire them once they are completed. 

Fine line Tattoos

At the moment minimalistic tattoos are popular and there is no doubt you will have seen these dainty fine line tattoos all over your social media feeds.  Despite it once seeming that it was the bigger the better when it came to tattoos, with full sleeves, chest tattoos or even full body tattoos, many people are opting for smaller, thinner tattoos now that aren’t as visible. 

Designs such as outlines or line drawings of faces have really taken over this style of tattoo. The small, subtle designs are great for people looking to get their first tattoo, or scared of the pain that comes as part of the body art process. 

Modern Tribal Tattoos

With a twist on traditional tribal tattoos, these modern tribal tattoo designs include sophisticated lines and more abstract artist creativity. As tribal tattoos once represented their identity to tribes, now they are commonly used to express a person’s individuality and define their life experiences. 

The trend of tribal tattoos has been around for many years and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon; even if the meanings and designs with dark lines and negative space are slightly different. Although tattoo artists will respect the black lines, dots and abstract shapes of traditional tribal tattoos, they now have the freedom to incorporate their own personal style and influences into their designs. 

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