What is the best TKTX numbing cream?

What is the best TKTX numbing cream?

TKTX is the world’s most tried and tested numbing cream for tattoos, piercings and cosmetic procedures. But what is the best TKTX numbing cream? Well that depends on what you want it for and how long you need your skin to be numb!

The first rule of numbing cream is making sure you choose a numbing cream that is right for you. Unlike some of the other numbing creams out there all of the TKTX numbing creams are water based so you don’t have to worry about your skin being oily after application and affecting your tattoo artist’s work, the tattoo ink or your healing process.

For a strong and fast numb, the TKTX Gold numbing cream is the best option with 40% more numbing. It is the best option for those wary of aesthetics, microblading, injections, semi-permanent make up and hair removal as it numbs quickly in 25-35 minutes and lasts 1-2 hours.

The TKTX Red numbing cream is TKTX’s second strongest fast numbing cream. Its quick numbing elements manipulates the nerve endings and blood vessels to numb the skin within 25-35 minutes and lasts for 1-3 hours.  The TKTX red cream also works well to ease the pain in aesthetic, microblading, injections and semi-permanent make-up appointments.

If you only have a short appointment the TKTX white numbing cream is TKTX’s weakest fast numb cream. It numbs as quickly as 25-35 minutes and only lasts between 30 minutes and an hour, making it great for piercings and injections.

The strongest deep numb cream in the TKTX range is the TKTX Yellow numbing cream. If you want to take away the pain from your upcoming tattoos, piercings or laser removal appointments, this cream is the ideal solution. It fully numbs in 1-2 hours and lasts for a lengthy 3-5 hours so you can enjoy your long sittings pain free.

The TKTX Black numbing cream is the second strongest of the deep TKTX numbing creams. It is a great numbing option for slightly shorter appointments as it numbs in 1-2 hours and lasts 2-3 hours. If you end up taking longer than you expected, you always have the option to reapply this TKTX numbing cream, just make sure you don’t add a second numbing cream on top that might counteract the effectiveness of TKTX.

For quick appointments, the TKTX Blue numbing cream is the cream you need. It is the weakest option of the deep numbing TKTX creams and takes 1-2 hours to numb. It only lasts for 1-2 hours so if you’re getting touch up to your tattoos or having an aesthetic procedure, this is a great choice to take away the discomfort.

When choosing a TKTX cream you need to make sure you are buying from an authorised original seller and not a fake distributor. The fake creams rarely work properly and can be harmful to you and your treatment. You can easily identify real TKTX products from the genuine hologram that has the logo in the middle with a wave circle surrounding it with TK vertically on the left and TK vertically on the right and ‘100% authentic’ across the bottom.

TKTX Tattoo has been an original seller of TKTX products for 5 years and has helped many satisfied customers find the right cream for them to reduce their worry and pain.


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